ABOUT MOI - FAQ for Clients

What is MOI?

MOI is an online salon/spa, barbershop, and freestyle artists booking aggregator that brings together the availabilities of multiple providers. MOI lets users browse, book, pay and rate instantly, online with the app, and no need to take your wallet to the spa or salon any longer.

How do you choose which provider to use?

Someone from the MOI team has personally visited every one of the providers that are listed on the platform, so you can rest assured that the providers you see are vetted by us. As to freelancers we conduct a background check and vet them as well. That being said, we try to make sure that there is something for everyone - so whether you’re looking for a low-priced on-the- run manicure, or a full-service no-expenses- spared pampering for your birthday, we’ve got you covered!

How can I get my favorite provider listed with you?

We love hearing about your favorite salons, or if you’re a salon owner yourself we’d love to speak with you. Drop us a line on [email protected]

What is the Loyalty Reward Program?

We will reward you for being loyal to your existing salon or stylist. We will give you reward points as a return client of the specific salon of your choosing and those points can be redeemed in your salon or with your favorite provider only!

Can I book on your website?

Currently MOI appointments can be made only via the iOS app and Android smartphones or tablets available in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. Bookings cannot currently be made through the website. If you are unable to book please get in touch on [email protected] or call us at 1-646- 780- 8730 and we'll be happy to help out!


When can I book on MOI?

24 hours a day 7 days a week. No more waiting for opening hours, book anytime you want.

There are two principal booking options: “Next Available” and “Book In Advance” options available on the app.

Is my booking confirmed instantly?

For “Next Available” you need to get a confirmation from the provider within less than 1.5 minute.

For "Book In Advance” if the time slot you chose are open it will be confirmed, unless Service provider cancels 24 hours ahead. You may cancel yourself 24 hours ahead otherwise the booking will be confirmed.

Basically, all MOI appointments are very quickly confirmed – no waiting around for your favorite providers to call or email you back t to lock in a time. You will receive immediate on-screen confirmation of your booking, along with a confirmation email/SMS containing all appointment and salon details.

Do I need to take anything with me to my appointment?

The providers will have all details of your appointment on hand, but please take your phone with you so you can checkout, rate and pay right after your appointment.

Can I make multiple appointments at once?

Yes, you can! When you are making your appointment just tick as many services as you want from the service menu. Additionally, you have the option to add services through the app while you are at your appointment as long as the provider have time available to add more.

Can you recommend a provider for me?

Sure! Just log in and check out our providers based on the various filters of the app; by star ranking, by price, or by location, filter after your own wants and needs. You can also see and appreciate their portfolio. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I add services to my appointment?

Absolutely! Just navigate to the 'My Appointments' screen by tapping the calendar icon in your app and select 'Add Services' to upsize your appointment


What is your cancellation and no-show policy?

You can cancel or reschedule for no charge up 12 hours before your book in advance appointment, and up to 10 minutes before your Next Available Appointment. If you do not show up for your appointment you will be charged a penalty fee of maximum $50.00 depending on your booked service, this is because of the loss of other client and hassle caused to the beauty provider. We hate doing this, so please if you need to cancel, do so on the MOI app in advance. For good reason we accept to waive it occasionally.

We allow in the app to request a cancelation if done timely.

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

You can easily reschedule or cancel an appointment in the “My Appointments” section of the MOI app - just login, tap the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen, and select the appointment you'd like to change. If done in time we will waive any fees.


Does using MOI cost anything?

Not a thing! MOI is a free service for our users, and we are happy to provide it to you!

We do reward loyalty and you earn loyalty cash to be used with the provider you have visited. Those points can only be redeemed with the provider they were earned from. We also give you referral points that are cash redeemable with any provider for referring us to your friends.

How does payment work?

We take your credit card details when you book an appointment, but you don't have to pay until after you've received your services. After your appointment, please open your MOI app and you will be promoted to swipe to checkout. You can confirm the final price, any additions or adjustments, your tip amount, and swipe again to finalize. Payment will be disbursed automatically to your provider and a rating page will show. You can also dispute the payment in the event if a service was not provided and our customer service department will hold the money until the issue is resolved. Keep in mind that some providers prefer tip in cash, which will display on their profile page when booking.

What if I add services or treatments when I'm at the provider?

No problem, just add the additional amount in the “Additions and Adjustments” section of the checkout screen on your app. The MOI app allows you to add more service once with the provider because you were convinced that it was something you wanted to add. As long as the service you want to add is available within your time frame, you can add services to your booking and we will add it to your card on file.

Can I tip on the app?

Yes. However, some of our providers do request cash tips. This will show on the providers profile page when you book the appointment, you also will have the ‘Cash’ tip option when you pay for the rest of your appointment on the app.


How are MOI Ratings & Reviews different from other websites?

Unlike many websites, we only let people who have received the service or visited the salon and booked through MOI leave reviews on our site. This indicates that the reviews are always authentic, informative, and from people just like you. We do not edit or modify submitted reviews unless against public policies and vulgar. It is our version of quality assurance and making sure every review can be trusted!

How can I submit a review for a salon?

Once you’ve booked with MOI and attended your appointment you will get the option to review an appointment directly on the MOI app.

Does MOI publish negative ratings and reviews?

Yes. We prefer constructive feedback, but we will publish negative reviews and ratings to ensure the true consumer experience is always reflected. However, if we see the review is in violation with the terms and conditions we would have to remove it.

What does MOI do if a salon receives multiple bad reviews?

MOI has a commitment to giving our customers a positive experience. If a business falls below our high quality assurance we will work with them to improve their performance. However, if nothing is done to remedy those issues, we may take steps to remove them from the MOI community.

Why didn't the review I submitted appear on MOI?

Reviews go live within 24 hours. The reason for that is that the reviews have to be vetted for bad language and violations. Your review might not have appeared yet if it’s still going through this process or we have deemed it unsuitable for publication.


What is the MOI privacy policy?

To view our privacy policy click here.

ABOUT MOI - FAQ for Providers


We originate more foot traffic from new customers, and have specifically tailor a reward program paid by MOI for your loyal existing customers and redeemable ONLY WITH YOU!

What are the benefits for salons?

MOI goal is to provide a superior experience for both consumers and your services as a salon, freelance artists or barbershop. For all service providers from luxurious to approachable salons/spas of all sizes and varieties, here are some of the many things in it for you!

(i) 24/7 mobile booking, allowing customers to find and book appointments at any time, from anywhere, delivering you a higher volume of customers and simplifying the booking process.

(ii) Personalized salon/spas, barbershops or freelance profile page complete with detailed information – our listing of salons/barber and freelancers is online available and optimized for all to see and identify through the app only.


With MOI, loyal customers will earn points redeemable only with you.

Elana B. our visionary and initial founder understand the industry ins and outs, she's a salon owner and an experienced NY cosmetologist. She believes in client retention and do not want any app or technology to compromise relationships with existing clients. Therefore she created a unique system in the app where MOI reward loyal customers and allows them to redeem their points only with you! If a customer uses your services and comes back we recognize that partner and immediately reward him out of our own fees credits to be used ONLY with you!

Not only is MOI expected to increase foot traffic by 35% on average based on our studies, and it should increase over the first 12 months your sales by 25%. MOI allows to reduce administrative burden for staff so they can spend less time on the phone and more time meeting customer needs.

Only verified customer reviews are allowed and should promote your salon, attract new business, and give loyal customers another channel to spread the good news!

Thanks to our automated SMS and email reminders to lower cancellations to both you and customer.

Not only do you get a reminder and can update your POS, or calendar, but your customer will be reminded multiple time prior his/her appointment and will need to click the app alert to concur that it received the reminder.

Are you available in my area?

MOI is currently only available in New York City, though we are expanding to other US cities soon. Let us know where you are and we'll let you know when we can welcome you to the platform!

How do I sign up or register for more information?

If you are a business who offers services in the hair and beauty industry– you may automatically upload your information by [clicking here] as we facilitated your application process in four small steps questionnaire. [click here]

Get started on the sign up progress, it is FREE: All you need handy is to following: (i) Business License (Department Of State License), (ii) Cosmetologist License or Certifications, and (iii) Liability Insurance, If you need one click here [X] (iv) a Tax I.D / EIN # or SS#

A MOI representative will contact you within 48 hours. Any questions?

Please call us at 1-646- 780-8730 or simply drop us an email on [email protected]

What is MOI?

MOI is a real-time salons, spas, barbers and freelancers booking network that brings together the availabilities of multiple hair and beauty businesses (hairdressers, barbers, spas, massage, nails and more!) and it lets consumers browse, book, pay, and rate while confirming appointments instantly from the comfort of their mobile device. We created the stronger marketplace that connects customers and salons, in 4 thumbs steps on any app device.

We empower you with an attractive online presence, help you reach new customers, improve back end booking processes, and reduce cancellations, while you get on with running your business. You do not have to accept any booking request and if you do we only get 15% if there is a confirmed booking through our platform. Unless you signed an exclusive contract with MOI and the commission is reduced to 10%. We can send our top-notch photographer help with showcasing your skills, your salon and/or barbershop at no cost.


How does MOI generate bookings for my beauty services?

Thousands of consumers search for salon/barbershops or freelancers’ appointments online every week – they might be new to the area or just looking for a change. In addition, if they already are your client they will quickly know that MOI offers them gifts and reward points for being loyal to you and will start one way or the other to book on our app. MOI aims to be the marketplace where beauty seeker, grooming needed go to book their appointments. As your marketing partner, we promote you to these tens of thousands of potential clients; the end result for you is more confirmed bookings and an increase of 23% to 35 % in business per year.

How does MOI help my existing customers?

MOI would love to help your existing clients a more convenient way to book, and help free up your time to look after them when they're in the salon. We do reward loyalty! Returning customers keep accumulating loyalty reward points that may only be redeemed with the provider they earned them from, hence, sticky customer is increased by 23% and we pay for it.

How does MOI know what services we offer?

We understand that every provider is different, to help set up MOI for your salon, a MOI representative (at your request) may spend time with you and your team to customize your profile and service offering and guide you through the setup process. Our automated intake system allows you to create your own menu. This includes everything from services offered, price range, opening hours etc. Customers will be able to select appointments from the specific services that you offer in the same way as they would by phone. Plus we allow clients to make special requests through the app.

What happens if a consumer tries to book online and we are full?

If you are unable to take an appointment at the requested time, MOI will automatically offer the consumer alternative times and days for any “book in advance” requests, on the “next available” option you will have the option to accept within 2 minute the request or send a message back with your next available appointments for the same day.

Can we block out certain times or days?

Yes. The Online Appointment Calendar allows you to block out times or days where you don’t want to allow customers to book automatically, and control availability up to ten slots for the same time per providers unless you are a freelance artist. You are responsible to keep updating your slots of availability to avoid double bookings.

Is a MOI booking a confirmed appointment?

Yes. Unlike other “online” booking systems, MOI doesn’t send you more email enquiries or telephone hassle – booking made through us are 100% confirmed on both the consumer and your end. Those bookings are also charging the card of the customer to secure the appointment. Consumers live in an instant gratification world and don’t want to wait around for a confirmation; if they have to, they’ll go somewhere else.

We provide consumers the convenience of being able to make appointments when it suits them, and saves you from having to take phone calls during peak service periods, or after hours! You may update your calendar based on your daily traffic. Next Available, will allow you on your mobile device to confirm modify or reject the requested appointment for same day services.

Do we need special equipment to use MOI?

No. MOI is an IOS and Android / web-based system and works with your preferred device of compatibility. All you need to participate is a tablet, smartphone or a computer, and an Internet connection. If you do not have any of those, just let us know and we can easily help provide that for you.



WE HAVE 2 customers’ options “BOOK IN ADVANCE” and “NEXT AVAILABLE”

  1. Book in Advance relies on your updated online calendar. Requests are automatically booked and we will send you a confirmation on the appointments.
  2. Next Available appointment requests will send you a notification for the open slots and your need with the swipe of a finger to either approve or reject. You have up 5 minute to offer alternative options for same day services or reject and so does the client.

How do cancellations and changes work?

Book In Advance Cancellation require a 24 Hour in advance cancellation not to sustain any charges. If you cancel last minute we will inquire and see if a reasonable explanation is validated. If this happens too often we will ban you from the MOI booking service for 6 months. Next Available Cancellation requires up to 5 minutes cancellation request, Next Available service are for same day services and if you do not cancel within 5 minutes from confirmation of the appointment as a client the entire charge will vest and be allocated to you; our provider. Next Available cancelation from a provider standpoint of view if you cancel within 8 minutes no fee will be charged anything beyond that we will allocate from you to the client a 50% discount on his next appointment. Client will be provided a link in their confirmation email/SMS allowing them cancel or change their appointment online, and the salon will be notified in real-time through the MOI Online Appointment Calendar and email/SMS notifications if they have opted into this.

How does MOI reduce cancellations and no-shows?

MOI sends automated appointment reminders (via email and SMS) to customers to remind them of their appointment with your salon. Experience in other industries has shown that reminder notifications significantly reduce no-show rates; they also mean that your staff members do not need to spend their time calling customers to remind them of appointments, MOI takes care of this for you!

Are there penalties for consumers who cancel or no-show?

Yes. As a salon, you can notify MOI of no-shows through the Online Appointment Calendar. MOI’s policy is that if a consumer no-shows at any of our partner salons three times in a consecutive 12 month period that they will no longer be able to make appointments via the MOI booking service. The no-show penalty fee is up to $50 depending on the service booked, minus the 15% commission.


How are MOI reviews different from other websites?

MOI only allows consumers who have booked through us and attended an appointment to leave a review and rate the service. By allowing only real consumers to leave reviews, and leaving these reviews unedited, we ensure our reviews are the most informative and genuine in the market.

What should I do if I receive a negative review?

We also offer the providers the ability to redeem itself and improve its rating thought various systems.

All businesses will receive occasionally negative reviews. We suggest the following ways to deal with a negative review:

  • Take the feedback on board. There’s usually some cause to a negative review, and you should be able to learn from this information provided by your consumers as a great way to improve your service offerings and consumer experiences.
  • Encourage other reviews. Help give other consumers a well-rounded view of your salon by reminding other consumers who have booked via MOI about the opportunity to provide feedback.

MOI filters our reviews for inexplicit and offensive language. Please contact our team if you come across any reviews that have not been correctly identified by our filter.

MOI has a commitment to giving both our providers and our consumers a positive experience. If your salon consistently receives negative reviews, we will contact you to discuss the reasoning and try coming up with a resolution together. You may also be removed off the MOI community if the issue is not resolved.

Why are reviews important?

Reviews provide important transparency between your business and your customers – they help customers make informed decisions and paint a more detailed picture of your business.


View our privacy policy here

Who has access to my salon account?

Your login is password protected and it is completely at your discretion who has access rights.

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